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Dutch photographer Ferry van der Nat has been taking instant camera photographs of men for years. Many of the men he scouted have made it to the major runways and fashion mags around the world. In July, Van der Nat has released his first monograph, simply called Mr. Mr. is a luxurious book with just over 300 pages and 285 high quality images. The book is a collaboration with MENDO. The price is € 59,50 and if you order now, you will receive a signed copy.

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Ferry van der Nat (Amsterdam) works with two cameras. The 1965 Polaroid Land Camera 103 sheds a greenish blue tint across the prints, seeming to distill an aura and mystery around the subjects. The second camera, the Polaroid Big Shot from 1975, is famously the same model used by Andy Warhol as he produced some of his most overtly sexual images—a mood that inspires Van der Nat’s own project.

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“I imagine Ferry has lived many different lives and was always able to reinvent himself.”

- Mr. Alan Prada
Deputy Editor-In-Chief of L’Uomo Vogue
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The Muses

Like many photographers, Ferry van der Nat a handful of models he refers to as his muses. It's a mixture of chemistry that makes photoshoots just a bit more exciting. Three of them - Florian, Matthieu and Erik - are introduced by Ferry below. More in-depth information about these extraordinary men can be found in the book.

Mr. Florian

Florian was one of my very first muses. To me he looked exactly like a younger version of Alain Delon.

Mr. Erik

Erik walked into the studio and we looked at each other, and for no particular reason we both started laughing. From that moment I knew I was going to adopt him as my fashion-son.

“Ferry mostly seems to use the standard flash on his camera, and he uses it to great, smoothing effect.”

— Mr. Gert Jonker
Editor-in-Chief Fantastic Man

Details of the book

Details of the book

Mr. is a luxurious book with just over 300 pages and 285 high quality images by Ferry van der Nat, including many that have never been published. The book is a MENDO initiative and design, published in collaboration with Terra. With contributions by Gert Jonkers (Fantastic Man) and Alan Prada (L’Uomo Vogue) and an interview by Jacquill Glenn Basdew.

Photography by Ferry van der Nat
A MENDO book initiative & design
Published by Terra
260 x 330 x 30 mm
289 pages
150 images
ISBN 978 90 8989 700 8
€ 59,50

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